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SES provides a variety of client support throughout the power solution cycle with the following services.

Uninterruptible power supply

We source, deploy and maintain single and three-phased UPS systems for workstations, computers, network servers and data centres to ensure critical equipment and data center infrastructure remain up and running in the event of power outage.


Stabilizer and Automatic Voltage Regulators

We supply, install and maintain single and three-phased AC stabilizers and automatic voltage regulators.


Stabilizers As required
Automatic Voltage Regulators 1 – 1,000 kVA
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Power backup solution (Firely TM)

We custom design, deploy and maintain an intelligent power backup solution that makes use of conventional power and alternative means to create a hybrid power solution for clients that results in efficient use of power and costs savings.

Our intelligent power backup solution (Firefly TM) is a unique power backup product designed by SES for AC and DC application. It serves as backup power for ATM terminals and rooms, data centres and other critical equipment. The Firefly TM can be custom designed to power:

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ATM terminals, communication equipment 1 – 4 terminals 6-72 Hours
Data centre and large facilities As required As required
Critical Equipment As required As required

Batteries for Inverters, Stabilizers and other equipment

We deploy, manage and service a wide range of battery banks for Inverters, UPS systems, Stabilizers and Network base stations.

We also build battery cabinet (with or without temperature control) and battery racks to fit existing outdoor cabinets.


Energy audit and power cleanup services

Our technical team is experienced at conducting comprehensive site energy audit exercises and power cleanup services including electrification, rewiring, earthen and lightning works.


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Alternative energy systems

We design, supply and maintain hybrid (solar) power solutions tailor made to our clients requirements. Our intelligent hybrid solar inverter systems provide backup power for equipment, data centres and ATMs.

We also supply all-in-one LED solar powered street lights with integrated photo voltaic modules, micro-controllers and lithium batteries combined with high output LEDs and human infrared sensors to achieve low power consumption with high luminance.


Click here to download brochure – SES BROCHURE POWER SOLUTIONS