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ATM and Self-Service Terminal Solutions

Design and deployment of ATM terminals, self-service terminals (iKiosks TM) anti-skimming devices for ATMs, CCTV equipment and Pin shields for terminal machines.

Supply and installation of ATMs:

We procure proven and tested automated teller machines for clients that meet the regulatory standard and end user’s specifications.

Repair and refurbishment of ATM terminals:

We repair and refurbish worn-out parts, upgrade obsolete parts and provide after sale support services to enhance the life of ATMs.

Preventive and curative maintenance of ATM terminals:

We carry out preventive and curative services as well as equipment cleaning services on ATMs.

Implementation of ATM security devices:

We provide security solutions that help to safeguard ATM and self-service terminal (iKiosks TM) users from information theft, fraud and unauthorized use. These solutions include pin shields and anti-skimming devices for ATMs and CCTV equipment for all terminal machines.

Deployment and managing of power backup supply:

SES has its own unique, modular, intelligent backup power systems for ATM terminals, Communication equipment, Data Centres and Critical equipment.


Self-service terminal services

Design and supply of self-service terminals:

SES provides a full “design-to-deployment” service for a wide range of self-service terminals (iKiosks TM).

The iKiosks TM hardware can also be custom built to suit the client’s needs. All ranges of the iKiosks TM can be tailor made to include peripheral devices such as EMV card reader, A4 and A8 printer, Document and ID card scanner, Signature pad, HD camera, Pinpad, Fingerprint recognizer and Near field communication technology.

Development of software for self-service terminals:

In addition to designing and deploying the physical hardware (iKiosks TM), we develop self-service terminal based software/applications for clients across various sectors.

Full integration solutions for iKiosks TM:

Our services include a range of full integration solutions for iKiosks TM being deployed by potential clients. With our robust middleware application program interface (API), peripheral devices are seamlessly integrated with the iKiosks TM application and the client’s core application.


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Click here to download brochure – SES BROCHURE ATM & SELF SERVICE

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