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Who We Are

Structured Energy Systems (SES) is a subsidiary of Structured Resource Business Limited (SRBL), a wholly owned Nigerian business-to-business service company dedicated to working with financial service institutions to design, develop and deploy cost-effective infrastructure solutions.

Structured Energy Systems specializes in the deployment and maintenance of ATMs and self-service terminals [i.e. iKiosks TM], provision of e-Banking security solutions and deployment and maintenance of power back-up solutions (UPS, AVRs, Solar systems and Inverters [firefly TM] ) amongst other innovative business solutions.

Structured Energy Systems currently operates from Lagos, Nigeria. SES has staff located in strategic locations across Nigeria to meet its customer demands and requests. The organizations local and international partnerships enable the company offer best-in-class products and services to meet its customer’s needs, budget and application demands.


Our “triple D” approach…


  • Understand the client’s need.
  • Plan the approach.


  • Build the solution.
  • Source for solution.


  • Implement the solution.
  • Manage the solution.
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